Boxing Body Blast gave me back my life.  Over the years, I slowly gained weight.  I went from thin to big, then big to fat.  Nothing worked.  I decided to give this program a try and three months later I am down to where I was as a teenager!  I love this program, I love my body, I love EXF Boxing!!!  If you want to lose weight, don't think about it, you should do as Moses says and "Get your azz moving" to a new body.  

My weight has been something that always bothered me.  I wanted to lose weight but honestly did not know how.  I started as a gym member and began losing weight from the conditioning classes.  This inspired me to join Boxing Body Blast.  I followed the program faithfully and I have to say - I love the way I look!  I look young, sexy, and feel like I am 10 years younger.  EXF Boxing will be a part of my life from now on.  I recommend the program 100%!!!
--- Frieda


I have never been a "gym person" until I joined EXF Boxing.  I had no idea that working out could be so addicting.  My time at the gym is like a one-hour vacation every day.  I love the warm atmosphere Moses creates.  He is a retired professional boxer and Olympian, so he is the real deal.  He is the perfect combination of a tough trainer, but super fun and crazy personality.  I started with Boxing Body Blast and got back my body, then joined the gym as a member.  I look at my pictures and can't believe it is me. My husband is thrilled - me too. Nothing tastes as good as feeling fit and thin,  THANK YOU MOSES!!
--- Betty   
Before joining EXF Boxing Academy, I faithfully took Zumba classes every week hoping to lose weight.  Zumba was fun but I didn't lose a single pound.  In fact, I gained weight.  I decided to try the EXF weight loss program.  I lost weight the very first week.  Not only did I lose pounds, but I lost over 19 inches in six weeks.  I love the workout.  Moses combines great music with challenging kickboxing drills.  The one hour class flies by.  I have made many good friends and have a better body than I thought possible.  For me its "Goodbye Zumba" and "Hello EXF Boxing" for life!