This class teaches children the basic boxing stance, footwork, punching combinations, kickboxing combinations, and how to properly use boxing equipment such as pads & bags. Participants practice and perfect a wide range of boxing and kickboxing drills (no sparring), a variety of coordination and strength conditioning exercises, along with cardiovascular & flexibility related activities that will measurably improve overall physical conditioning and mental focus.  


      This class combines fun with fitness.  The age range for this class is 7 to 12.  


Boxing and kickboxing Fitness Benefits:


    √  Enhanced focus, respect, discipline and confidence

    √  Improved flexibility and coordination

    √  Practical self defense skills

    √  Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning

    √  Strength training development

    √  Preparation for school sports or recreational activities


To Get Started Your Child Needs:


- Workout Attire & Sneakers

- Boxing Gloves and Handwraps (we can provide at a discount)

- Water and Towel